• Ribby Hall Hotel, Lancashire - Spa:

    Lighting Control & Design provided the specialist technical resource for testing, programming and commissioning of the C-Bus system at this luxurious Spa resort.

    The system controls 64 switched and 8 dimming lighting circuits, these cover the main Spa area, Pool, Pool changing areas, Treatment Rooms, Bar, Restaurant and external lighting as well as facilitating testing of the Emergency Lighting.

    Situated in both the hotel and Spa Reception areas, two touch screens allow global control of the lighting, while two DLT switches, located behind the bar and first floor Spa reception, provide local control.

  • Ribby Hall, Lancashire - Woodlands Banqueting Suite:

    Lighting Control & Design were subcontracted to programme and commission the C-Bus system controlling this spectacular banqueting and conference space.

    The system controls 45 channels comprising of digitally dimmed, analogue dimmed and switched circuits. Controlled via a Touch Screen and 3 Saturn DLT wall switches, the system provides a number of preset lighting scenes, each scene designed to deliver the venues lighting requirements when staging a specific type of event, this included the control of a projector and screen.

    A further requirement was to provide two operating modes; occupied and non-occupied. In occupied mode the lighting is controlled from the Touch Screen and wall switches, in non-occupied mode control is transferred to PIR’s, in this mode if foot-fall is detected then minimal lighting is brought on for a period of time. This meets Health, Safety and security requirements while ensuring that lighting only remains on when required.
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  • The Spa Reception - Ribby Hall Hotel, Lancashire
  • The Woodlands Suite - Ribby Hall, Lancashire