• Philips Dynalite Logo


    Considered ‘The Best of Breed’ networked lighting control solution, with over 30,000 major installations worldwide spanning the Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Educational and Residential sectors.

    More than just Mood Lighting.

    As well as on/off and ‘Scene Setting’ lighting control, Dynalite easily communicates with, and controls other systems; such as Heating, Ventilation, Blinds, Audio-Visual, Fire, Security and Building Management Systems.


    Dynalite scales effortlessly from luxury private residence to the worlds largest commercial building: Dubai's spectacular 160 floor Burj Khalifa Tower.

    Management tools:

    Envision Manager is a powerful graphical based software tool.
    Specifically aimed at large commercial installations, it provides building managers and owners with real time energy management data, scheduling, and maintenance events, such as lamp and ballast failures.Read more +

  • Clipsal C-Bus Logo


    Clipsal C-Bus is a networked, microprocessor based intelligent control system from Schneider Electric capable of controlling and automating a wide variety of electrical loads.

    Ease of installation.

    Communication between C-Bus devices is achieved through standard Cat5e cable, making installation simple, and cost effective.

    Centralised control:

    Multiple network segments, each of up to 1Km in length, can easily be controlled from a single point. This makes C-Bus ideally suited to large-scale applications such as football stadia and shopping centres where two simple modes of operation need to be implemented, i.e. Maintenance/Event or Open/Closed.

    Management Tools:

    C-Bus Schedule Plus is PC based software application developed specifically for commercial and industrial applications.
    Allowing up to 10 C-Bus networks to be monitored and managed simultaneously. It facilitates system wide events to be created, scheduled, edited and printed.Read more +

  • Philips Dynalite System Units

    Dynalite provides a comprehensive range of Load Controllers, Sensors and general System Units to suit all applications.


    2 to 12 channels at 5A, 10A or 20A per channel in SPST or SPDT format.


    Phase Cut: Leading and Trailing Edge.
    Signal Dimmers: DALI (Full Universe & Broadcast), DSI, Analogue 1-10V and DMX.

    Multi Purpose controllers.

    Hotel Guest Room Controller.

    LED PWM Drivers.

    Fan Coil (for direct control of Air Conditioning Units).

    Interfaces and Gateways:

    BacNet™, LON, KNX, Ethernet, RS232 and Dry Contact.


    Light Level, Temperature, PIR Occupancy, Microwave Occupancy.

  • Clipsal C-Bus Units

    C-Bus has a wide range of Input and Output Units to suit both Commercial and Domestic applications, these include:


    1 - 12 channels at 10A or 20A per channel in SPST or SPDT.


    Leading and Trailing Edge, 4 or 8 channels at 1A - 2.5A per channel.


    DALI (full Universe), DSI and DMX.

    4 Channel Analogue Output:

    To control 0-10V and 1-10V dimmable electronic ballasts.

    4 Channel General Input:

    To measure digital, analogue, current loop and Thermistor inputs.


    Ethernet, RS232 and Dry Contact.


    Light Level, Temperature, PIR Occupancy.

    Multi Room Audio:

    Matrix Switchers, Zone Amplifiers and Ceiling Speakers.

  • Philips Dynalite User Controls


    The award wining control with proximity triggered wall-wash lighting effect and built in temperature sensor. Available in three different styles; Display, Touch and Button, each is available in either European or American format. Read more +

    Revolution Series:

    The ultimate in choice and flexibility, available in a choice of Glass, Stone, Metal, Ceramic and Wood finishes with optional custom engraved buttons and OLED display.


    Contemporary styled Stainless Steel control panels available in a wide range of configurations, perfectly suited to commercial environments.

    Standard Series:

    This range is anything but standard. Available in wide range of finishes, button colours and configurations.

    Touch Screens:

    Add a further dimension to system control. These can integrate with Security Cameras, Access Control, etc.

    EnvisionTouch & Dynamic Touch:

    System control from your smart phone or Tablet. Available for iOS and Android devices. Read more +

  • Clipsal C-Bus User Controls


    Is Clipsal's latest generation of Dynamic Labelling Controls. Capable of controlling and displaying the status of lighting, heating and blinds. Features include; multi-page LCD Screen, Tri-Colour LED’s and dual action buttons.Read more +

    Saturn range:

    Available in two styles, DLT and button. DLT features a 64 x 128 pixel backlit LCD Screen supporting graphics and text and is available in either 4 or 5 button format.
    The Button range is available in 2, 4 or 6 button configurations, button status is software selectable as either Blue or Orange. Both ranges have glass fascias available in a choice of colours; Black, Bright White, White, Cream and Brown.


    This classic styled wall switch has large, easy to use actuators making it ideal for those with limited mobility. Backlight for easy location at night, actuator status programmable to be either Blue or Orange.

    Touch Screens:

    A range of 3 types; 2 network powered (one Monochrome display, the other colour), both are available with or without a logic engine, the third is a remotely powered fully featured colour screen complete with IP interface for Internet connection.