• The King Power Stadium - Controls upgrade.

    To maintain the reliability of the stadiums lighting system, a program to replace all the 15-year-old Clipsal C-Bus1 controls with the later, and more compact C-Bus2 units, was carried out.

    50 C-Bus relays, interconnected via eight C-Bus lighting networks controlled the installation, totalling over 250 lighting circuits. Using the later higher density units, the relay count was reduced to 37.

    Carrying out this work presented an opportunity to upgrade and re-structure the control network. New Network Bridges and segments installed, the result, a faster and more resilient network that will cope with future expansion plans.

  • The King Power Stadium - DMX Controlled lighting

    The Stadium required colour highlighting to be installed in a number of key areas. Generally, this colour would be blue, matching the clubs colour and branding, but on specific occasions, would need to have the ability to change inline with the events theme.


    RGB LED strips were installed in the key areas and controlled though C-Bus 5500DMX Gateways, with colour selection being made via a C-Bus 5080CTL Touch Screen. In areas where existing conventional lighting was controlled through occupancy detection, a C-Bus 5500PACA was used to track and re-establish the selected DMX colour through on/off cycles.

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  • Upgrade of old C-Bus1 to C-Bus2
  • New lighting in players area