Based in North Cornwall, Lighting Control & Design use the latest LED lighting components and control systems to deliver innovative, unique, technically advanced and stimulating interior and exterior lighting solutions for the Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Residential markets.

Lighting Design Services are scalable and tailored to match our client’s exact requirements, these can include; 3D visualisation of the lit space, illumination levels and energy consumption calculations, Luminaire schedules and layouts, CAD produced wiring diagrams, technical support , and if necessary, the manufacture of bespoke lighting components.

Lighting Controls are from Philips and Schneider Electric. These advanced systems provide extensive support for today’s diverse range of LED lighting via control protocols such as DALI, DMX and PWM. Sophisticated user controls are available in a range of styles and finishes which complement any interior design or meet the needs of a specific operating environment.

  • Bar lit with LED lighting
  • Energy efficient office lighting
  • Boutique Hotel Room
  • Shop Daylight linked lighting
  • Atmospheric Restaurant Lighting